May the angels be with you

Rozenn Quéré, Evgen Bavčar, Benoît Pelé
Sound creation (7 episodes)
Total duration: 25 min
This project received a grant from SCAM (France)

Interview with the blind philosopher and photographer Evgen Bavčar.
« I experiment the war permanently. In a way, the war is part of me, part of my body. Though, my uncle had showed me what happens when you play with weapons. At the age of 4, I saw 3 boys shredded. I remember 3 small coffins. But it didn’t teach me a lesson. »

1. The war is part of my body
2. A Yugo in Paris
3. Rather die than be ashamed
4. 50 years ago, I saw the moon
5. I’ve read everything with my hands
6. Kindschaft
7. Angels