Rozenn Quéré, Perrine Lottier
Production: Les Films d'ici/Xbo Films
Script: Perrine Lottier
Images: Rozenn Quéré
Animation: Romain Blanc-Tailleur and David Martin
Sound by: Luc Meilland
Performed by Syrine Porte, Engelo Isambert, Valérie Véril, Stéphan Castang, Kathy Gallet, Guy Fillion, François Fehner, Johnny Hache.

Gabrielle is 10 years old, and she has a strange power. She can turn metaphorical phrases into literal ones. For instance, if she sees the mouth of a river, she sees a real mouth (with teeth). If it's raining cats and dogs, she sees real animals falling from the sky. Each time a literal image appears, it causes a new catastrophy in Mustard-upon-Avon, a cranky suburb ruled by the powerful Lova Factory, where Gabrielle lives with her mother, and with a colorful collection of eccentric neighbours.

Consisting of photographic collages, Gabrielle deals with the co-existence of imagination and real life, of abstract and concrete, and thus alternately highlights the poetry or the cruelty of language.
That work could be subtitled 'Imagination in charge!'

'Gabrielle' received in 2009 the Innovation Fund from the French National Center of Cinema.

Projections de "Gabrielle"

The Great Wall of Oakland, California (USA)
The Spore Incident, San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)
Les Abattoirs, Contemporary Art Center, Toulouse (France)
Studio des Ursulines, Paris (France)

Cartoon Forum, Gdańsk (Poland)
Dames Draaien Festival, Brussels (Belgium)
Petaluna International Film Festival, Tiburon, California (USA)
Animation film Festival, Bruz (France)

International short film Festival, Lille (France)

Ciné-Junior Festival, Seine Saint-Denis (France)