Born in Brest (France) in 1981. Lives and works in Brussels (Belgium).

After studying cinema and photography, Rozenn Quéré started working at the intersection of photography and narrative. She creates her own polymorphous and playful universe through producing images (namely photomontage) and animations from photographs. Although confined to solitary practice of photography and writing, Rozenn Quéré is always fond of collaborative and interdisciplinary projects, aware that those projects benefit from her imagination and skills, and that in return, her universe gets enriched by the experience. Her longest collaboration, the one with the blind artist and philosopher Evgen Bavcar, expresses her vision that photography goes far beyond the simple sense of sight.

2014 Grant "Brouillon d'un Rêve" from Scam (France)
2012 Grant Smartbe (Belgium)
2013 'Discovery Award', Rencontres d'Arles (France), with Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh.
2011 'Vevey International Photography Award' (Switzerland), with Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh.
2009 'Innovation fund' from the French National Center of Cinema (France), with Perrine Lottier.
2008 Grant from The Group for Cinematographic Research (France), with Perrine Lottier.

2012 Possible and imaginary lives, with Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh, Editions Photosynthèses.
2009 Human, medium size, Atelier Malaxe.
2008 The pyjamas that thought they were a slice of ham, Editions du Mouton-Cerise.
2007 Histoires à rêver debout, Editions du Mouton-Cerise.

Contemporary Image Center (Cairo, Egypt)
Galerie 247 (Paris, France)
Asuntos Domesticos (Huesca, Spain)
Espace F, (Matane, Canada)
Rencontres photographiques de Gaspésie (Canada)
Beirut Art Center (Lebanon)
Pôle photographique Stimultania (Strasbourg, France)
Rencontres d'Arles (France)
Festival Chobi Mela (Dakka, Bangladesh)
Festival Images (Vevey, Switzerand)
Petite Biennale photographique (Blain, France)
Rencontres photographiques du 10ème (Paris, France)

2010 Gabrielle, animation produced by les Films d'ici and Xbo Films, co-directed with Perrine Lottier.
2008 The man who flew away, produced by the Group for Cinematographic Research (G.R.E.C.) co-directed with Perrine Lottier.

Press about her work
True Lies, by Kevin Jones (Art Asia Pacific, issue 86)
Real and imagined memories of four sisters from Palestine, by Olivia Snaije (The National, August 10 2013)
La photographie au prisme du souvenir, by Stéphanie Jacquet (Revue Caméra, issue 4)
Vies possibles et imaginaires, by Yasmine Youssi (Télérama issue 3402)